Rainbow-Preschool in Sanyang- Faala


At Eye Level accompanies the independent Rainbow Foundation according to their needs.

The accompanying support of the Rainbow-Preschool in the Faala district of Sanyang started at the end of 2015. Especially in 2016 and 2017, with the help of our financial support, a school wall, toilets and a water tank with generator were built, painted, planted, the classrooms were furnished, and much more.

Play materials were provided for free play and 'Jolly Phonics' for the students' English learning. The local teachers Sainabou Jawla, Kumba Mendy Sylva, Sarjo Jobe and Abidima Lamin Darboe were inspired by the basic ideas of systemic preschool education. Our goal was and is to gradually move away from the usual 'frontal teaching' and to strengthen the free choice of their play, i.e. the individual interest of the children.

Omar Jabang approached our association as a young teacher of the Rainbow Preschool with the request to get to know `systemical education' and was thus guided by personal coaching on site for many weeks at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020.

In the meantime, Omar has been promoted to headmaster. Working there with him are: Eli J. Mendy, Sulayman Darboe, Abie Colley and Jainaba Jammeh as a volunteer.

Jainaba currently receives monthly support from our association, and with our financial help she will be able to start her education at the college in Brikama in January 2022.

We are happy to continue to provide financial and personal support whenever our help is needed.