Any help counts

How you can donate?

Your support for our projects is highly appreciated! Choose from several ways to support our projects in The Gambia and be assured that your donation will reach the children in The Gambia!

  1. For example, you can arrange for a one-time donation. These donations are not related to specific goals, but directly benefit the people in the projects of our association, according to the decision of the board of directors or the decision of the general meeting. Our Gambian partners regularly need financial support, for example, for repairs to the school buildings or for the purchase of toys and learning materials.

  2. If you would like to support our work with a recurring monthly or annual donation, you can also arrange for this to be made without a specific purpose. 

  3. If you would like to dedicate your donation to a specific purpose, you can choose from the options on the right and indicate this in the purpose for which it is intended.  

  4. In order to be able to send you a donation receipt at the beginning of each new year, we need your postal or email address, which you can give us via our contact.

To make our work and the use of donations transparent, we have registered with trans!charity.

Our members work on a voluntary basis and pay for their trips to Gambia and their stay there by themselves.

Bank account

DE25 3806 0186 6606 0470 19

Bank Name

Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

Adress: Siegburgerstraße 363, 51105 Köln


School breakfast

Cost for 50 children per school day: approx. 7 euros

Our children at Sunshine Preschool receive a simple Gambian breakfast during the school break, which is prepared fresh daily by a resident of Taibatou village.

Any amount, no matter how small, is welcome!

Brushing teeth

Cost for 1 year teeth brushing: about 200 euros

Dental hygiene is not widespread in Gambia due to cost alone. With a donation for the regular purchase of toothbrushes and toothpaste, the dental health of our Gambian children is supported!

Teachers' salaries

Costs depending on the level of training: approx. 70 to 90 euros per month

Our teachers receive their salaries throughout the year on three cut-off dates in January, May and September. In addition, they receive the customary bonus for the celebration of Independence Day and the Feast of the Sacrifice.

College education

Cost of the three-year teacher training program:
Approx. 600 euros

The education and qualification of young people with the aim of being able to support themselves and a family is of particular concern to us. Without financial support it is not possible for many to attend the college in Brikama.