Would that be something for you? Have you ever thought about a supportive stay abroad? Are you pedagogically trained and would like to get to know the educational system of Gambian preschools, as well as the Gambian lifestyle, or do you want to work as a craftsman, for example in metal construction?

The question arises as to your motivation: Is your focus on the idea of sustainable support or on your own further development?

We agree with the guiding principles of the organization >No White Saviors< on volunteering on the African continent (nowhitesaviors.org). Volunteering is not a tourist action; a continuation of European colonialism must be avoided at all costs!

The following requirements are derived from this:

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • completed professional training or studies
  • sufficient knowledge of English
  • own financing of the trip and the stay over ther
  • own initiative and ability to improvise in simple living conditions
  • openness, tolerance and respect towards the Gambian culture, its rituals and religion - at eye level
  • Preparation (in person) and support during the stay (by phone) by our association members

Please contact our association founder Sabine Rötering-Heineman: sr@con-trust.net