Mango-Preschool in Sanyang Sutuba Daa Kabilo (finalized) 


The Mango Preschool was intensively supported by At Eye Level for almost four years.

The Mango Preschool building in Sanyang, community of Sutuba Daa Kabilo, was built with the funds of a British citizen in 2014 and initially operated on a very small scale. At the end of 2016, At Eye Level took over the responsibility of running the school, which was contractually guaranteed until the end of the school year in summer 2020, and hired three teachers: Buba Bah as head teacher, Tida C. Darboe and Isatou Jallow, later joined by Karlotta Bass. The school building was further expanded in the following years with our association funds, school toilets and a well were built, as well as a wall around the school grounds, a sandbox and playground equipment for the schoolyard, play and learning materials were purchased and much more. The classrooms quickly filled up with preschool children. During these school years, around 50 children were taught in three classes through play and with an eye on the children's need for independent learning. In the summer of 2020, the support ended according to the contract. The Mango Preschool is supported by 'Social Projects for The Gambia e. V.' since the end of 2020..

We wish our former students and teachers all the best for their future in their wonderful country!