Partnership at eye level

How it all began

It was springtime 2013 when it all began: I had an intense desire for change, precisely: to spend some time in a foreign country, and work with children. (Since a lot of years I am already working as an instructor and coach for teachers, but my first profession was to be a teacher in a kindergarten.)
Through a lucky coincidence I had contact with a charitable organization in The Gambia/West-Africa, and for two months had the opportunity to assist in a pre-school.
After a short time of bewilderment – I never had been in Africa before – it became a very delightful experience for me. The work in this pre-school was filled with happiness, ease, and a great mutual respect.
Rarely in my life there was something as meaningful as beeing with these teachers and children.
Oh, these children! – funny, hungry for learning and lovable!

And I? – I was spellbound!

After the first two years of wonderful experiences with children, their parents and the teachers in The Gambia, it became clear to my husband (pedagogue and psychologist) and me to continue that work.
For us development assistance by an educational initiative seemed to be more convincing and more sustainable than spreading donations.
And on the background of these convictions we asked some engaged, professionally qualified friends and acquaintances to give us guidance in the context of a charitable organization.
In June 2015 we founded the charitable association ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia’ with 10 members, who are enthusiastic, dedicated professionals working as pedagogues, coaches, psychologists, medical practitioners and therapists. They were ready to support our work professionally and on a voluntary basis.

Sabine, 1st chairwoman

Guiding principle

First do the urgently needed,
(It protects from needs)
then what's possible,
(Everything is at your disposal)
and suddenly you manage the impossible..
(What you can dream you can do.)
out of: Heinemann: Achtsamkeit.